Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vicky Martindale: Mail Art Swap!

I believe this is Vicky's 10th creative swap with me, and I know she also participated before I ever started this blog, when I did this through a yahoo group - wow! Thank you Vicky for all your support. Vicky is from Michigan and has produced some beautiful mail Art for our swap. See for yourself!

I kept this one Vicky, thank you! 

Wonderful! Just the kind of mail I like to receive : ))
I will be back tomorrow hopefully to finish up the uploads . . .. I can't wait to swap these out! My son Decklin (& Tina) leave tomorrow to go back to Cambridge, Mass., so I will have time to devote to this. Seee you soon!  lenna


ColourFly said...

Wow, this swap is unbelievable!!!!There are so many stunning mails!
And this is really lots of work for Lenna, but I hope she had also a lot of fun.
And wow, I am a little part of it!
Today we sink in snow. And now it starts to rain. That will be a big mess!!!!!
So I am looking forward to colourful mail art!


Joanna said...

Superb use of rubber stamps and masks. Gorgeous colours too, I love these!


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