Friday, December 3, 2010

Tania Allen: Mail ArT swap!

From Tania in South Carolina, we have 2 envelopes and a postcard, with an extra one for me on it's way. Thank you, Tania! Three pieces were the requirement for this swap but any extras for me are appreciated and loved. This was Tania's first try at mail art and she emailed me, "I didn't make them the same because I was experimenting, so there's no real theme to them, but they have inspired me to make more. I'm working on them now, as a matter of fact. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's pieces ...The envelopes have something in them, and should be easily opened."

This one really made me smile . . .

Tania writes, "This is my very first mail art!! Enjoy!"
yummy fabric postcard!

Yes, that is some rope-like yarn around Tania's envelope!
Click for more detail. 

This is a really lovely ALL fabric - stamped envelope

Thanks so much for participating Tania, even though you are a busy full-time student! Great to have your mail art.

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Tania's envelopes and postcard are fun - I particularly like the last one, so sweet!


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