Thursday, December 9, 2010

extra mail art from France! (check comments: the mail art is coming in!!)

I received Nadia Breton Sergal's extra piece of mail art today and boy, did her mail have me smiling!!!! Look at what was in my mailbox:

This is a very large postcard, about 7" x 9". The snowman is so happy looking, I just could not help but grin. And I love the "mail art" stickers Nadia has placed on top of the red ornaments!

You really made my day, Nadia. I am so glad this extra piece for me came all by itself!! Cheers, Lenna 


Joanna said...

Such bright happy Mail Art, even better because he arrived all on his own.


nadia sergal said...

Lenna i'm so happy this piece arrived on his own for you and you like it ! Life is funny and wonderful isn't it ?

arts4all said...

My three swap envelopes arrived safely in today's (12/10) mail, and am I excited - just like a kid at Christmas!! Thank you for including everyone's address so I can send thank-you's. This has been a wonderful project and I feel as if I have been strolling the galleries of a wonderful private collection.

Cynthia Zdanzukas said...

Hello all!

Four beautiful pieces of mail art arrived in Connecticut yesterday (three separate envelopes tucked into a special "shipping" envelope created by Lenna)! Thank you to all for the wonderful pieces of art...they are all truly marvelous! Happy holiday season to all, Cynthia Zdanzukas


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