Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alice in Wonderland ATC Swap

Just a couple of notes about our Alpha Stamps sponsored ATC swap . . . I am not sure if all of you know that there is a AS Yahoo Group - Alpha Stamps online group for rubber stamping, collage art and general artsy-type discussions. This is where you can join in AS swaps, contests and other fun projects. It is free to join; just click on the yahoo group link above to do so. One of the benefits: special hidden sale pages for Alpha Stamp Yahoo Group members only! Even better than that, especially if you are participating in the Alice ATC swap, is that right now there is a special sale page for the Alice in Wonderland collage sheet images, thanks to AS owner, Leslie Elledge! Once you have joined the group, just look for message #1254 titled: Special Sale Page!

Another very helpful thing for our Alice in Wonderland ATC swap that Leslie shared with me is an online version of the story. I have only had a chance to look at this briefly, but I will be referring to it again I am sure. As of 11/08/08 I have 21 participants signed up, which means it is halfway full already. This swap is due in my hands 01/24/09 extended to: 02/03/09, and you can read the particulars in the swap call -here. Sign-ups take place on the blog via a PayPal ‘Pay Now’ button. You can register for any open swap by finding the appropriate PayPal Button in this blog’s sidebar on the right.

* * * This post marks the 500th post since I started this blog 04/22/07. WOW! * * *

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