Friday, November 28, 2008

Forest Quilties: Marianne Baugher, Maryland

Marianne Baugher from Laytonsville, MD sent in 2 sets of "green" forest quilties.
Below is what Marianne e-mailed to me:

Thanks so much for hosting this swap. It has been a long time since I joined an online swap. I let life get in the way of my need to play. My quilties were made using all leftovers from other projects and some wise ol'charms that I have had for years and could never figure out what to do with them. I live in the woods so this project was perfect for me. I layered my materials to represent the layers on the woodland floor. I hope everyone likes them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and happiness.
Marianne Baugher

Thank you, Marianne! I think your quilties are a wonderful addition to our swap. My husband saw me unpack them and was saying how much he liked them!

Note: There are a few more swaps to come in which hopefully I will receive by tomorrow. Two are coming from overseas and left over a week ago, so I may need to allow 1 more day for the mail. I will keep you updated here, thanks.

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