Monday, November 17, 2008

Forest Quilties - Cheri Hins, North Dakota

This is Cheri's first 'creative swap' and her first set of quilties. Hard to believe! Cheri made 5 quilties (one of them, for lucky me) that are different from each other, each amazing but all forest-like in theme.

I will add a photo of one below, the theme is so special and cute. The 3 other pictures here are scans. I always see different things in a scan vs a photo . . . . Click on any picture for more details.

Congratulations Cheri - your first fabric pages are just awesome! Read and see more on Cheri's blog: Scary's journey to Artville!

(Cheri's 'handle' is ScaryCheri!)

I love her tags. Cheri wrote me after she finished her first one,

"If you get time, could you give me an honest opinion? I followed your tutorial. I think I should cut the batting a little smaller for the next one. I haven't attached the back yet on this one. I am thinking I might have gone nuts with the embellishments. Do you think it is too busy? I kept finding things in the right color to add, lol. Thanks Lenna."

My reply: "Scary, I don't think you went overboard at all! It looks great and I would not know it was your first fabric quiltie unless you had told me!! : ) lenna "

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