Monday, November 17, 2008

Forest Quilties - Susanne Wiebe, Victoria BC

Wow, I just discovered this is Susanne Wiebe's 10th Creative Swap! Thank you Susanne, for all the wonderful art that you have contributed; you are incredible! I believe Susanne participated in EVERY 'quiltie' swap I have ever hosted, plus fabric ATC swaps, fabric bag swaps and more! She is a very talented and creative participant. Her friend Beverley Teichrob often joins the same swaps as Susanne and so they have the fun of encouraging and enjoying each other's work before sending it off to me in CT, usa! (smile)

In fact, it was Susanne who suggested a 'shades of the forest' theme in a note to me a number of months ago. I was thinking of a greenish-color wave for the next set of quilties, and Susanne's idea completed what I was looking for. Thank you, Susanne!

Susanne's quilties are like the quote she used, printed on fabric and added to her fabric squares: LUSH and GREEN. I know this is Susanne's favorite colour! A collage I created for Susanne, at Beverley's request, can be found on my art blog.
I tried to create something very green and forest like when making this collage for Susanne and after receiving it, she told me she loved her gift from Beverley that I had created for her.

The shades of the Forest Quilties are due in my hands in less than 2 weeks of this writing - November 29, 2008. I have received about 1/3 of the swap entries. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest!!!

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