Saturday, November 1, 2008

Star Ornament Swap! Kiki Finlayson ~ Oregon

From Salem, Oregon, come Kiki Finlayson's textural, almost dancing, stars! They are very lightweight and beautiful. Kiki so graciously sent me a lovely email explaining how she made them...

I cut the stars out of 5" squares using an Xacto knife. I coated each with gesso, touched up the edges with modeling paste, added wooden stars, buttons, and coffee cup insulators. Then I painted the stars gold, silver, and copper using acrylic paints--I painted one color as base coat, then dry-brushed the other two colors on each star. I rubber stamped some text on with StayzOn ink, then added glass seed beads and teeny glass marbles using Dimensional Magic as an adhesive. I punched holes with my giant-sized Crop-A-Dile, then threaded glass beads onto wire and made the hangers using the handle of a paint brush for "curls".

That's it! It was a fun project that evolved as I went along. I thought of them as "Dancing Stars" and that's why the "legs" and "arms" are curved as if they're moving. Thanks for doing this. It keeps me going to meet criteria and a deadline--it's good for me! And I really enjoy everyone's art work-- the world is so full of talented women (I'm sure there are talented men, too, but they have been getting their "due" for thousands of years!) And I love reading the notes from everyone as well--getting a chance to communicate individually with others who are creative makes us all less isolated in this life.
Kiki Finlayson

::: I could not agree with you more, Kiki. Thanks for putting down in words!


zizzybob said...

She says "I cut the stars out of 5" squares using an Xacto knife"
I would like to know what she used...what is the base?

Kiki Finlayson said...

Oops, yes indeed, 'twas 1/4" foam core left over from a project. Sometimes the fingers type slower than the brain moves...or at least, I hope that the brain is going faster!

Lenna Andrews said...

Thank you Kiki! I thought it might be foam core . . . zizzy (Barbara) I hope you see Kiki's response.

: ) lenna


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