Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forest Quilties - Fabienne Lunel, FRANCE

This is Fabienne's first Creative Swap, and my first participant from France! What lovely fabric work you have created for our swap, Fabienne -thank you for joining us. Fabienne typed up a description that she added to each of her quilties:

Foret d'automne (automn forest)
First, I thought about the colors of the forest during automn: orange, red, brown. yellow and green. Then I imagined the noise you make when you walk in the dead leaves and the wind in these leaves.

That's why I used brown paper and nylon organza in different colors for leaves. The quilting represents the whirl of wind in the forest. I hope you will love this quiltie. It's the first time I trade this kind of work. (please excuse my bad English!)-Fabienne:

Fabienne also enclosed a beautiful fabric ATC for me as a hostess gift - Thank you, Fabienne! I treasure this!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fabienne, your work is beautiful, as always!


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