Monday, November 17, 2008

Forest Quilties - Darlene Kihne, South Dakota

Darlene sent us 5 really cool 'shades of the forest' quilties. I think it is best if I simply quote her description to me in an E-mail -just scroll down to see what she is talking about via my scans!

"I couldn't make up my mind on which photo to use; so I used both. (a smile, from lenna)
The photo underneath was a photo I had taken, printed on 100% silk; and the photo on top, also a photo I had taken, was printed on ExtravOrganza. I had a visitor in our back yard this summer! I used grommets, ribbon, yarn, and beads to tie them together. We had such a gorgeous, colorful, fall this year. Blizzard today! How quickly things change."

Thanks so much, Darlene. I love your creative approach to our forest theme. : ) lenna

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