Friday, November 7, 2008

Star Ornament Swap! Teri Calia - California *Winner!*

Sometimes I give prizes for the most creative entries in my art swaps, but not for every swap I announce. I did not mention that I would give a prize for this particular swap when I put the call out, but . . . . when I saw Teri Calia's "cat" Star Ornaments, I just cannot resist making a 'surprise' First Prize winner! Just look at her little "star" Kitties!

~ *I am awarding Teri Calia FIRST PRIZE for the most creative star ornaments! * ~

Teri sent me an E-mail, describing how she made these cute, cute ornaments!! --

"Per your request, here are some instructions for the blog:
I hope my ornaments are star shaped enough, because I couldn't resist making them into kitties. I was inspired by vintage chenille ornaments. They were soooo easy to make! I bent bumpy chenille stems (pipe cleaners) into star shapes. Then I cut cat heads from some Victorian scrap. I decorated the cat heads with Dresden crowns and silk ribbon and glued them onto the stars. Then I bent the bottom "points" up for feet and added a piece of Merry Christmas ribbon as a banner. I finished them off with thin wire for hanging. Thanks for hosting, Lenna! I really enjoy your swaps because they are so organized and have wonderful themes that really spark my imagination.
xo, Teri

*I will be sending Teri a delicious assortment of collage goodies for her to have fun with, when I return her swaps to her next week : ) Visit Teri's blog: Artistic Catnip to see more of her awesome art. She is a very talented illustrator and mixed media artist.

Wow, this is last very last post of uploads from the Star Ornament swap! If I have forgotten to add a link to your own blog where you have showcased your stars - just send me an E-mail and let me know -I'll edit the post & add the address. Same if I forgot instructions.

Now, I will really get busy and work on the physical swapping out of the ornaments. Thanks for your patience, and I will keep you updated as to when the swap is complete/sent home to participants! Thanks for all your lovely comments, too ~ Lenna


teri c said...

OMG! Thanks Lenna, I feel so honored that you like them enough to make them winners, lol. I really enjoyed creating my little star kitties for your swap, I always feel challenged by your swaps because so many talented artists participate. Thanks Lenna for sharing your time and creativity with us through your wonderful swaps! xo, Teri

Carol said...

That is great creating! very unique!

and thanks Lenna, for another fun swap, can't wait to have any one of these artist's creations,
hugs, Carol

Anonymous said...

These cat stars are so seriously adorable that I may actually KEEL OVER if I don't get one! OMG, love them to pieces!!! Nice work, Teri!


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