Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the best mail day yet!

Today I received 11 envelopes in my mail box for our Mail Art swap - yes, 11! The stack was this high:

I received 4 envelopes from Barbara DeLisle, 4 from my new local friend Susan Stewart, one from Monica Smith, and one each from Teri Calia and Jo Ann Reichert -joining the other three I had already received from both of them, hooray! Three of Teri's envelopes arrived in 3 days and the one that arrived today took a week. Two of Jo Ann's envelopes arrived in 3-4 days, one took a week and the one that arrived today took 10 days!! (mail early!)

In my mailbox November 10, 2010
I came across an interesting website today called Postcrossing, a postcard crossing/exchanging project. It looks quite intriguing and I have bookmarked it to join later. One thing that caught my eye was a post on their blog about how the Mail is sorted. Since we are in the middle of this swap with the sorting of mail so relevant to our project, I thought you might like to take a look at this post and video on Mail Sorting. The video is really very interesting & funny, take a look if you have time.

I will be back soon with photos and updates on Barbara, Susan, JoAnn & Teri as all of their mail art pieces or safely with me now!


Marianne @ RuffHaven said...

hhmmmm.... I think the one I sent last week must have taken a detour. You should have two from me but I see you have the first one and not the second. The third and fourth are sitting here waiting for me to mail them.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

As of today Marianne, I only have one envelope from you. So far, a delay in delivery of these Mail ART envelopes seems typical; a week to 10 days is not uncommon! I should receive your 2nd one in the next few days -check back! I'll list in as received on the sidebar : )) thanks, lenna

Nancy Y said...

All of the mail art looks Fantastic! Mine are going in the mail tomorrow (all four). I just posted a quick view of them on my blog. Thank you so much for the fun swap! :)


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