Saturday, November 13, 2010

mail art swap envelopes

I have been quietly busy behind the scenes, getting a good start on the envelopes I've promised to send home your mail art swap returns in. You can read more details about the swap HERE. All mail art is due in my hands by December 4th, 2010. Now . . . making, stamping and decorating envelopes is one of my favorite things to do so I'm very happy with this project! I feel good that I have started this task of creating or decorating about 55 envelopes, 3 weeks before the due date. Most of the envelopes below are not complete yet as I will add rubber stamping or a bit of collage too - but here is a peek at what I have been doing:

I have created envelopes out of double side scrapbook paper with my favorite Kreate-a-Lope template (top) and also by simply folding scrapbook paper in half and sewing up the sides, see below. 

It's fun to use various stitches!

Template envelopes above, and below you will see I also made a couple of oversize envelopes. I've done  collage on top of a regular manila file folder, which was cut down in size a bit and then re-folded. See below for some fun examples-click on each photo for more detail. 

The front of the envelope
the back
I got this idea for making a large envelope out of a file folder when doing research for this swap and finding a video on altered mail art by Roben Marie Smith. I will add the video below for you to watch, after showing you a second large altered mail art envelope -hope you enjoy!!  

The front -ready to add a participants name!!
the back
"Official MAIL ART" - I love this rubber stamp from CatsLife Press!
Here's Roben-Marie's video . . .


Joanna said...

Hey Lenna - great mail art you're doing there! I've just watched the video - inspirational stuff.


studiorose said...

Hey, I recognize a couple sheets of that scrapbook paper - especially the pretty orange stuff on top. It's one of my favorites! I LOVE the idea of making big envies out of manila folders, since I happen to have hundreds of them as we went to a digital system at work and they're now "obsolete." (More art supplies for me, that's what I say!)

You are SORELY tempting me to join this swap! I need to check my calendar again...hmmm...

Cindy McMath said...

Wow Lenna, these look ama-zing! I can't wait to get one in the mail.

Cindy :)

friedaquilter said...

Oh, I simply can't wait to see one of these beauties in my mailbox!!
I'm sure my postie will be most impressed too!

Elaine Akers said...

Love the bright colors you are using. Your envelopes all look super.


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