Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kate North: mail Art Swap!

From the UK, Kate North has sent us 4 completely different envelopes. I love this! It is very interesting when the envelopes (or any swap pieces) are different from one another, but it is never a requirement with me. When I do multiples for a swap or exchange that I am participating in, my pieces are usually made the same, with variations. If you create all your swap pieces the same for one of my swaps -it is fine by me! Some people work better if they can try out different ideas, so I welcome this as well. Below are the fronts and backs of all 4 pieces of mail Art Kate sent in. Thanks so much for the extra one for me! I love, love, love the Winnie the Pooh postage stamp you chose.

Kate has an active blog where you can see more of her art: Kate's quilting and other Fiber Arts. She also hosts exchanges! I have signed up to be part of her journal quilt exchange (1 for 1): Another little Quilt swap. I am looking forward to getting busy with this project when I complete this swap!


joy said...


Joanna said...

These are so pretty and colourful. Love that they're all so different too!

katelnorth said...

Thanks :) Many times I do multiple items on a single theme, but this is my first proper mail art and I was playing around with different techniques. The postcard was actually "one I prepared earlier" - an extra from a set I had been looking for an opportunity to use - this seemed ideal.

I love all the art in this swap - looking forward to seeing what I end up with :)


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