Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wil Opio Oguta: mail art swap!

From Will, who lives in the Netherlands, 4 beautiful stamped and textured envelopes have made it to my mailbox this week. Her mail art set is complete! I want to say I am really sorry if it worries you that ALL your envelopes do not arrive on the same day or near each other, but unfortunately I have no control over that. It is the quirks of the post office, I guess. I have no idea why when 3 envelopes or 4 envelopes are sent on the same day, one arrives 3 days later and it takes another one 10 days. My best advice is to try to mail early and keep the addresses as easy to read as possible. Here are some photos I took of Wil's Mail ART. Please visit her blog for more details on how she made and stamped her envelopes.

Thanks, Wil!!


Linda said...

These are such a great color and I love all the texture she's created!

Cat said...

WOW....I just looked at all of the posts with the mail art pieces...they are amazing!!! Such a fabulous variety of technique & color, what fun they all are!!!
Congrats on another super swap, Lenna & friends!!!


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