Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marilyn Butler: Mail Art Swap!!

I met Marilyn through Mary Green's workshops and I am so glad I did! Marilyn has participated in 2 of my creative swaps now and created wonderful tags and mail art!! I am going to share close-ups of all the fronts and backs of her envelopes here which feature mandalas she drew, but I want you to visit her blog, aptly titled: Marilyn Butler ; ^ ). That link will take you directly to a post where Marilyn writes about creating her envelopes and even shares what she put inside. As I said before, I am not opening envelopes as they come in. There are so many it would be too much for me to do and record on the blog. I will open any envelopes that I receive when the swap is done, and those of you who do receive a filled envelope will get a surprise!!
Enjoy Marilyn's envelopes below.

Your mandalas look very quilt-like to me, Marilyn. Makes sense to me, knowing you quilt! I love the postage stamps you had made at zazzle based on your trip to New Mexico. Thanks again!


Marilyn said...

Thanks, Lenna! What a sweet post;)
Truly, you make these swaps so fun and so easy--I'm glad I discovered them!!

Joanna said...

These beautiful patterns remind me of the pretty patterns made by kaleidoscopes - I loved looking at them when I was a child. So pretty.


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