Friday, November 19, 2010

Elaine Akers: Mail Art swap!

These envelopes are from Elaine Akers in Massachusetts. Elaine and I used to spend time together at Rubber Stamp Conventions back when I lived in Connecticut!! In fact, if you are in this swap you may have seen photos in the pdf lesson for this swap of the rubber duck and the plastic banana sent through the mail? Elaine is the one who sent them to me! ;  ^ )) What fun! Elaine rubber stamped her envelopes and enclosed a fabric postcard, very cool. Your envelopes can be sent empty and there is no need for including anything inside, but if you want to, that's great!!  I opened one envelope, the extra one I kept for myself. I will share that one here and the rest you can see on Elaine's blog!

fronts -love the mermaid!



fabric postcard

Thank you, Elaine! So great to have you in this swap!!

1 comment:

joy said...

I love all the cool stamping on these!


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