Monday, November 22, 2010

lots of mail + 1 more from monica!

I thought Monica Smith's mail art set was complete at 3 pieces (the requirement) but another piece came in today! A cool magazine envelope. Thanks, Monica.

And this is what I pulled out of my mailbox today!

All four mail art pieces from Rena in CT, one envelope from Sue that took only 5 days to get here from Australia, another envelope from Leslie totaling 3, the last one I was expecting from Kate in the UK, three from Sabine in Germany, two more from Thelma, two more from Marnie, two from Laura in Maryland and the one from Monica = 17 pieces in all!!! I will be back later to showoff completed sets from Rena and Kate!


ColourFly said...

Three arrived... than I hope the fourth will come today!


Joanna said...

Your mail delivery is much more exciting than mine! Looking forward to seeing them closer,



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