Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rena Matus: Mail ART swap!!

From Connecticut, where I used to live - 4 wonderful envelopes all on the same day from Rena Matus. I taught classes in my home studio and local stores in CT and Rena was often there! I do miss that and I'm glad that we can stay in touch through my creative swaps now. I see from the cancellation on Rena's envelopes that she mailed them in Glastonbury, one of the towns I grew up in. It also took only 4 days to travel to Florida; not bad! Rena's envelopes are very creative and they make me smile. I have scanned just one picture of them, showing the back of one as they are all similar. I love the stamp of the airplane and note on the back about them being empty. Thanks so much, Rena -these are great!!


joy said...

I LOVE the shape of these! Great job!

Joanna said...

Yes, I love the random shape of these too!


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