Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rebecca Clarke: mail ART swap!

From Bec Clarke in Australia, 4 lovely postcards on a Springtime magic theme. They arrived in good shape and in good time too, about 1 week. Bec so kindly dropped me an email to let me know her postcards were on their way and gave me a description:

My technique was: Stamping on blank cardstock.
Colouring in some of the stamps using my new watercolour markers.
Adding some cardboard elements in the theme.
Add a layer of printed tissue paper over the top and seal with Gel Medium.
I then joined them to the postcard side using glue and a row of stitching.  I didn’t like the zig zag after one but the others with straight stitching I liked.
I like them very much with either stitching, in fact! Bec recently took my online work-at-your-own-pace workshop, Collage techniques on canvas to help prepare for a small art exhibition she was in. It is wonderful to have her participate in one of my art swaps as well. You can see more of what Bec is up to on her blog: Bec Clarke Creations.

Thanks for your mail art all the way from Australia!!

1 comment:

Joanna said...

These are so very pretty, love the stitching (straight or zig-zag!), and the flower theme.


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