Friday, September 14, 2012

Barbara Johnson - Prayer Flag Swap!

From Barbara Johnson in Illinois, we have some wonderfully interesting and beautiful Rust-Dyed prayer flags. Barbara did this dying herself and it sounds quite exciting. Below is her letter to me explaining how -click on it if you need to see it bigger -then click again if you see a + sign. At the top of her note is some fabric she gifted me. : )

This is the back to show how she packaged them, each on an individual piece of lightweight card stock and strung through the opening sleeve of the prayer flag! 

I love these flags, Barbara! thanks so much for the description and the fabric for me!!!


sharon said...

These are fantastic.....pretty and grungy at the same time! Perfect!
I love the technique!

Joanna said...

These are absolutely WONDERFUL! I love the technique and thank you to Barbara for sharing it. Fabulous prayer flags.


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