Sunday, September 9, 2012

Joanna Urbani - prayer Flag swap!

From my friend Joanna in the UK - hip hip hooray! Her prayer flags have made it on time even though she was sending from "across the pond". Joanna so kindly made 4 flags, which means she made one flag as a gift for me! I am so happy. I'm going to have a very long string of prayer flags to share with you when the swap concludes! In fact, we can all share, as I will add a Link-up Tool at that time for sharing photos, that will be fun!

Jo made her flags out of a tan, plain linen-like fabric combined with swatches of her daughter Hope's old plaid school dress!! You can read more about it on Jo's blog, Fiddlesnips.

She hand embroidered all 4 flags very nicely. I would say her embroidery looks a lot better than what I did on one of my flags! Jo's flags are basically the same with a few variations in her embroidery and trims. I adore the frayed edges and think that will look very nice blowing in the wind, spreading the thought of 'learn from nature'. ; 0 )

thank you so much, Jo!! 

1 comment:

Joanna said...

I'm so glad they made it to you in time for the swap, Lenna! Thank you for the lovely write up :)



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