Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sharon Borsavage - Prayer flag swap!

From Sharon Borsavage, my dear online art friend in Pennsylvania, we have 4 beautiful and artfully put together prayer flags. Sharon wrote a note and enclosed it with her flags:

I made my prayer flags with religious images I put on fabric by running muslin through my printer with freezer paper on the back to stabilize. I then sewed the images on using various stitch patterns  and free form stitching. (I love this!) I attached vintages laces in a collage style with my sewing machine and hand stitched on vintage buttons. I attached a vintage medal to each one. Whatever your belief, faith is part of it. Thank you, Sharon - so lovely!

The photos here on the creative swaps blog are of each entire flag, but Sharon has some delicious close ups on her blog. She is also a gifted jewelry maker and art journalist so go check her out!

click on any prayer flag for more detail, then click again!

Sharon also spoiled me with a marvelous mail art envelope!

gorgeous and very appreciated! 


Joanna said...

So beautiful - love the imagery, muted colour tones and embellishments. Gorgeous Prayer Flags :)

ColourFly said...

These flags are so special! They remember me at our Italian holiday. Amazing prayer flags!

Terri said...

Oh Sharon! I am feeling the sacred in your beautiful prayer flags! Your imagery and icons are very special and feel amazing together! I have my fingers crossed that I received one of yours!


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