Sunday, September 9, 2012

Susan Norwood - Prayer Flag Swap!

From Susan in Pennsylvania, we have 4 wonderful prayer flags made with vintage materials. Thank you for the extra flag, Susan, I feel so very blessed! You can read more about these flags and see more photos on Susan's blog, Sudio's Studio.

- front and back -

 A beautiful vintage prayer flag that reminds us to treasure . . . . Susan inserted vintage photos into the pockets! Susan used this word because of how she feels about "old beautiful things". They should be rescued, remembered and appreciated.

Isn't this lovely??

- front and back -

There are additional photos that are much nicer on Susan's blog! I have been doing scans as it is easier when recording so many flags. Now, I know this is your first swap with me here, Susan - you did a fantastic job and are welcome back anytime!!


Joanna said...

Susan's Prayer Flags are all so beautiful! I love the one with the little pockets, what a cute idea :)

Nancy said...

I do love the use of vintage items in these! All of them are lovely.

Trish Busby said...

Susan what an inspiration.. Thanks for sharing.

JansArtyJunk said...

Oh...I do love a bit of lace...gorgeous Prayer flags!!


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