Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Donnalee Nichols -prayer flag swap!

From Donnalee Nichols in KY we have 3 similar but different prayer flags. Beautiful batik fabrics for the front with a verse, paired with a calm fabric for the back = Harmony!

Thanks so much, Donna. This is Donna's 3rd creative swap!

I have just noticed this post = 1111 posts here for me on the creative swaps blog!



Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

More gorgeous flags. Is the text hand stamped? It looks so professional - my hand stamping never looks that good. What's the secret, Leena. xoDonna

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Hi Donna, Donnalee did not mention it with her flags, but I think the verse on the front was printed on fabric -perhaps by computer?? The harmony on the back is hand stamped, I believe. For that, I always recommend tapping your stamp a number of times into a well-inked stamp pad and them pressing firmly onto your fabric, preferably on a hard surface. Oh, and testing on scrap first!! : ) lenna

Nancy said...

Lovely! That crackle-look fabric is really a nice contrast with the batiks.

Joanna said...

Donnalee's flags are so lovely :)


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