Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Val Cowan - Prayer Flag Swap!

Val has sent very beautiful, extraordinary flags for our swap -- all the way from Scotland! She has been doing art swaps with me for a number of years. Since 2008, I believe! You can see all of her gorgeous swap art here, on this blog.

Val also made me the sweetest gift. 
It is funny, too!
I already have hung it up in my studio, thank you!!

This makes me giggle! 
The plaid will make me think of Scotland - and Val's kindnesses.
So glad you could participate, Val : 0 )


Nancy said...

Isn't is amazing the variety of techniques used in all of the swap flags? Your gift... I love the dog AND the hat!

Susan said...

These flags are lovely and I love the gift she made for you. Very cute!

Joanna said...

A very different 'take' on Prayer Flags - and absolutely gorgeous! They are so calm and serene, wonderful.


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