Sunday, September 2, 2012

Marilou Bain - Prayer Flag Swap!

We have some gorgeous prayer flags in from Marilou Bain in California. She has created her flags with washed canvas, burlap, scrim (like cheesecloth), sari silk, buttons, printed images, inks, her sewing machine and glue. Let me share them with you.

Marilou hand wrote her information on the back of each flag. 
She also did the same technique as earlier discussed with Linda Kunsman's flags -
She made the fabric a longer length so the extra fabric acted as a lining (see below).

Then, Marilou did something rather special for me which really touched my heart.
She apologized for "borrowing" a photo from my blog . . . but I did not mind. 
With this photo Marilou created a very special flag for me in memory of my dad. He passed away October 1, 2011.

I will admit I cried when I saw it . . . but that is okay. It is part of the process of losing him. I will gladly hang this flag along with the many others made for me (thank you all) and some I have made myself!! I have not even gotten a chance to show you yet -but soon. Three for the swap and some extra for me, made while I was in Canada. I have 3 more sets of flags for the swap here from Laura Hummel, Jo Johnson and Jewels Oman which I should be uploading tomorrow -- and then I will be caught up (for now) - yippeee! I will share my own flags after uploading those 3 sets and wait for more sets to come in. Remember to check on the participation List to see if your package has arrived. I will write received as they come in so even if I do not get to upload them right away you can be assured that your flags have made it to me. They must be in my mailbox on or before the 15th of September.

It's my pleasure to host this swap -hope you are enjoying the incoming!
(3 sets were uploaded today)


Marilou Bain said...

My dear friend, I'm so pleased you like your flag and that they arrived safe and sound. It was not my intent to make you sad or cry but to give you piece of my heart as I know the loss of parents and loved ones and how you must have felt when you posted the tribute to your Dad last year, I understood it in a heartbeat and when I saw this particular swap I knew I had found something I could do with heartfelt meaning just for you. You do so much for others connecting us all with your Creative Swaps and I wanted to let you know in a meaningful way how much you are appreciated by all. When you can connect with another human being through cyber space though never meeting them is something very special. Thanks you Lenna for giving of yourself to others in our world of Art, I am blessed to know and have you and as a friend , you have touched me in many ways too. Blessings to you, Marilou xoxo

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Dear Marilou, have no fear, your actions by creating that special flag for me were very meaningful. You did not make me feel sad really, you simply made me feel. And this is good! thank you again. xo

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Beautiful, Beautiful prayer flags. How lovely Marilou would think to do one for you with your Papa on it. Hugs, Donna

Nancy said...

These are lovely, and the commemorative one is beyond lovely! What a wonderful thing to do.

Susan said...

Beautiful flags!

Joanna said...

Oh WOW! THESE FLAGS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL (yes, I am shouting!!). How thoughtful of Marilou to make such a wonderful memorial flag for you. Very very special.


Terri said...

Marilou, your flags are so gorgeous here all together! Each one is such a dear prayer, especially the one you honored Lenna's father with! Oh my!
What beautiful works of art and heart!


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