Sunday, September 2, 2012

Linda Kunsman -prayer flag swap!!!

Even though my friend Linda was quite busy this summer and had already signed up for another prayer flag swap, she also signed up for mine!! Lucky for us that she did because Linda has contributed some wonderful, bright flags with one of my favorite quotes /sayings.

Linda has created four prayer flags, one as a gift for me that I will really enjoy! Remember three flags are required for the swap and you will receive 3 in return. Extra flags as a gift are always appreciated, but not required!

I like the way Linda made her flags. She measured her fabric longer than 10 or 11" (8" plus extra for the sleeve). I think her piece of fabric must have been about 16" long. Then she simply folded it in half and the fabric hanging over on the back acts like a lining to cover any stitching on the front. Great idea.

Everything came in a bright and beautiful mail art envelope.
Thanks so much, Linda! 

You can read more about her flags on this post on her blog:
heARTfully inspired. Definitely a blog to bookmark!

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Fabulous flags - I LOVE the fabric Linda used, such wonderful colours.


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