Friday, September 14, 2012

Sabine Schneider - prayer flag swap!!

Oh my goodness, Sabine's flags to 5 weeks to reach me from Germany! I am so glad she sent early and I was so very happy to find them in my mailbox today. So was she!!
Sabine packaged her flags so nicely I scanned them just as she sent them, but I also have a link to her blog so you can see them "out of the package."  : )

There are two like this . . . .

And two like this (thank you Sabine!)

Please visit Sabine's blog, ColorFly to see them all opened up! 

Besides making a flag for me, Sabine sent a hand stamped card and some goodies -lucky me!

I can't thank you enough!
There are also flags from Barbara Johnson and Julie Wolcoff here, and I will share them tomorrow afternoon or evening. I have a routine colonoscopy scheduled tomorrow morning . . . it's very important for me to do, especially because of my dad's colon cancer history. So I will be back later . . .  hopefully more packages will be waiting for me in the mailbox when Steven brings me home from the procedure. Well, enough on that subject and I am sure to get caught up soon. Thanks to everyone participating for doing such a fabulous job with this swap. xo lenna


Joanna said...

5 weeks?!! I'm so glad they arrived in time, Sabine's flags are lovely.

I hope your procedure goes ok for you Lenna.


jan b. said...

I so enjoy seeing all these flags posted here and am looking forward to see which ones land in my mailbox. The post office shows that my flags are out for delivery to you today. I'll have a blog post up later today and will send you that link when it's done. Good wishes for "normal" results on your procedure.


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