Monday, June 20, 2011

1/2 sent - ALL swapped!

Yes, this is good news! It is hard to believe, but right before dinner tonight I got the very last 3 swap packages swapped, wrapped, addressed and packaged up. Hooray! Steven said perhaps we should "invest" in clear packing tape at the rate I was using it, ha! : ^ )

Earlier this morning on my way to my Nia dance class I left extra early so I could stop at the post office. Once there I grabbed the customs forms I needed. I had filled out 2 at home but I needed 12 more!!!!!! Got 'em filled out and stood in line hoping & praying for the "nice" postal clerk, Theresa. Someone heard me because she helped me with all 25 packages without blinking an eye. We even laughed together! There were 14 international and 11 domestic packages sent this morning without a hitch!

Here is what's left to send -

A bag & a box - 23 more domestic packages that will be sent tomorrow morning. 
Not too shabby. Really, this went a lot better than I sometimes imaged. The Little Book swap was more of a challenge because of the number of participants - 49. But I still go about making the "swaps" as I always do. You can see my "list" there in the box. I try to trade you a piece I think you will love or at least appreciate, based on your style and what YOU make. Whomever you have received from - they have a piece of yours. So no matter how busy you are, please try to drop them a line . . . okay? It's just nice! And of course I would love your feedback. I may try a little book swap again (a few people have asked) but I would probably limit it to fewer participants.... I think this was an A+ swap, but man oh man, it was a lot of work! Partly my fault as I want to show as much as possible. Bottom line: All of you in the swap REALLY made it worth it. I have no complaints.

The late packages sadly have still not arrived. When they do I can trade them with each other and thanks to your generosity, I do have a few extra little books here. We also sadly had one participant whose envelope opened in transit and arrived here EMPTY. I plan to send her a book or 2 when all the late packages are in. 

Thanks! creative swaps would truly be nothing if it was not for your fine participation,
you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!
xo lenna 


Leslie said...

Woo-hoo!!! Good job, Lenna! Swaps are a lot of work. I used to do a ton of them back when I was quilting and crazy quilting. It can make you crazy. Looking forward to my package and thanks again for doing these swaps. They have come to mean a lot to me and I'm only sorry I missed the first 11 or 17 or whatever it is.

Bobbie said...

Thank you so much for putting this swap together - it was such a treat to see everyone's creations and creativity almost on a daily basis (which indeed was a ton of work on your part!). Your postings and words were always so wonderful to read!
Thanks again Lenna - You do make a difference!
Bobbie Bryan

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Well, Lenna, I am going to use the 'Amazing' word yet again. YOU, the little books, the people who created them, YOU, the work you do to post each and every item in a way which shows its beauty, YOU who keeps all the books (received, had to drop out, received empty), YOU who keeps us all informed of deadlines and dates, YOU who has spent the last two days packing, addressing, loading in car, filling out forms and getting them off PRONTO ... with a smile on your face. You are a great hostess, Lenna. I know you love what you do .. it's obvious. I enjoyed this swap so much. Thank you for each and every thing you accomplished during this swap. It was a big one. You told me mine were shipped today ... I'm hoping for a 'fast horse from the border' .. :o) big hugs, Donna

craftattack said...

Lenna, you have done a great job, and def. deserve the title Lenna, the hostess with the mostess* . Thanks for getting it all done and dusted so quickly, And what's the next swap? Hugs, Valerie

donna!ee said...

woop, woop! i didn't get to actually participate this time BUT thanks be to your excellent blogger habits, i've been kept in the loop AND am totally all fired up to jump in with your next swap. thank you so very muchly, blest be!! :)


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