Friday, June 17, 2011

#49. lenna andrews - little book swap!

Yup, I am participating in my own swap! Wasn't sure if I would be able to pull it off, but I did. I made 3 little books out of recycled materials. You might remember about a month ago I realized I need to remove pages from my already bulging art journal. I wrote a post about doing that here. Those 3 small little books I started kept calling to me, saying -we are halfway done! So this is what I did . . . I started with the pages I had removed, cut in half, and sewed them with my sewing machine down the middle.

Then I rummaged around for suitable "cover" material and found some old, discarded jean material (Steven's worn out pants legs) that I had already used to test rubber stamping on. I don't remember what I was testing for, but I know that is why the jean fabric was stamped! It looked suitable for covers, so I cut it roughly to size.

I sewed the blue jean material to the paper pages . . . . leaving the edges raw.

 For one of the books I added some lace that I found along with the jeans.

I lined the inside covers with scrapbook paper

Rubber stamped some quotes and sayings and added decorative tape.

~ anchored a ribbon in the middle of the back by sewing it on . . . 

And tied it closed! 

Book 2

Book 3

That's it! A small little book, fun to make and I hope fun to receive for whomever!
:  ^ ) lenna


Joanna said...

Hooray, Lenna joined in!!

Wonderful little books, of course Lenna. I particularly like that you used Steven's old jeans, rubber stamped! I'm assuming he didn't wear the pretty lace with them...... ;o)


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

YEAH! You made it ... and just in the nick of time. :o) It's really great you can be part of this what I believe is a very special swap. Love the books ... so YOU! hugs, Donna

craftattack said...

I think you must have the 26 hour day to get all that done! Great work, wonderfil idea, Lenna, I am proud of you! Hugs, valerie

Mary Z said...

That's a very cool idea Lenna! They came out fabulous!

Cat said...

Fabulous little books, Lenna, love the jeans & lace & those quotes are the best!!!

Corinne Marie said...

Love the jean material and the quotes...where do you get those stamps? Thanks for a wonderful swap!!

Bobbie said...

These are wonderful!!! I love the stamping on the denim!!
~Bobbie Bryan


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