Wednesday, June 29, 2011

new creative monthly swap: ATCs (colour my world)

Creative Swaps Monthly ATC Swap
(Artist Trading Card Swap)
July 2011 ~ Colour my world

  • A 3 for 3 ATC Swap! Make 3 ATCs out of fabric, paper or both.
  • They may be identical – or - different from each other.
  • Receive 3 ATCs in return.
  • The July 2011 Theme is: Colour my world ___________.
  • You will fill in the blank with one color. This color can be monochromatic, if you like. “A monochromatic color scheme uses only one hue (color) and all values (shades or tints) of it for a unifying and harmonious effect”. Your set of 3 ATCs can all be created using the same color -or create them based on different colors. Write whatever color you are using on the back of your ATCs as part of the ATC swap title, “Colour my world _________”.
  • All ATCs are due IN my Mailbox no later than August 6. This is a firm deadline and I will sadly return any late swaps to the sender. Whatever is in my hands on August 6th is what I will swap. There are no exceptions to this rule, so please mail early!
  • TWO sets of 3 is the maximum you can submit. You must register for each set, $5.00 per set. Simply register twice on the creative swaps blog if you plan to send in 2 sets.
Registration for this swap is closed 07/31/11. To register: Use the ‘Add to Cart’ PayPal button on the registration page of the blog: This page can now be accessed by a tab at the top of the blog too. The $5.00 fee (special price) to register for this swap is your non-refundable payment for postage, handling and complete information including a mini lesson pertaining to this swap. What is here on the blog is an abbreviated version. PayPal is a free on-line banking service, you can find out more here: The $5.00 registration fee covers return mailing of one set of 3 ATCs, both within the USA and internationally.

When your payment is received you will receive an automatic email confirmation from 'e-junkie' for your swap registration with a link to any pdf files you need for the swap. Please make sure your PayPal email is correct or you will not receive important swap information vital to your participation! Doing this is your responsibility. If the email you have listed with PayPal is not the correct one for me to correspond to, please email me your preferred email. If you have sent in a PayPal registration and have not received confirmation within 24 hours please Email me directly.

Make 3 ATCs in your chosen colour(s)
  • All ATCs must be sized 2.5” x 3.5” (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm)
  • your design can be in either landscape or portrait orientation
  • your ATCs can be all fabric, all paper, or combine them
  • Image transfers and transparencies are fine
  • Painting, collage, drawing, sewing, zentangles, rubber stamps, photography: any and all mixed media techniques are acceptable
  • your ATCs can be of ALL the SAME design, ALL different, or a mix
  • All ATCs should be handmade and not photocopies
As the swaps arrive, I will photograph or scan your ATCs and post them on the creative swaps blog. By registering for the swap and sending in your ATCs you are giving me permission to post your artwork on the creative swaps blog -with credit to you, of course! If you have a blog or website and you post your ATCs for the swap, you can send me the direct link and I will add it to your post on the creative swaps blog. I can add a description of your techniques to the creative swaps blog, if you send me an email with the info. I really prefer an email description if at all possible, as hand written directions are sometimes hard to decipher and whatever you write in an email I can copy & paste, making it easier to add to your post.

This swap is limited to 50 players and due in my hands August 6, 2011.
If you do not make the deadline you will not be included in the swap. All swap returns will be mailed back to you promptly within 7-10 days, if not sooner. Hope to see you in this fun swap!

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queenb2u said...

Here are my ATCS (Color My World)

So excited to share them.


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