Monday, June 6, 2011

#26.Siri Hauge Opdal - little book swap!

From Norway, Siri has sent us 4 amazing fabric books. Take a look!
 Here they are all on the first page -
 One page turned . . .
Siri's books are all so nicely stitched and very well  put together.
Siri wrote that was not used to using so much bright pink!
 I do think its wonderful! 
 I especially love this page below. 

Thanks ever so much Siri for your wonderful stitched books.
I'm slightly overwhelmed by the beauty of ALL the books that have come in.
I have another batch to post, and then guess what? 
4 more packages arrived today!!
Check the sidebar for arrival status & watch this space for uploads!
xo lenna 


craftattack said...

Such beautiful books! I am SPEECHLESS! Hugs, Valerie

Linda said...

Oh my, these are gorgeous! I love the colors.

Trece said...

Those pink books are GORGEOUS!! I would have never thought about using fabric!! WOW!!

Nancy said...

Siri may not be used to so much pink, but I'm loving it! These little books are really rolling in now.

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Amazing! Donna


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