Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#44.Jo Johnson - Little Book swap!

It is coming down to the wire for this swap! All books are due in my hands no later than Saturday's mail. I recently got an email from Jo Johnson in Indiana saying she had one finished book and another book that was made but not decorated that she wanted to give to me. Could she still participate? I said yes! She just needed to get them to me on time, which she did ; ^ )

 Below is Jo's book for me:
 it is an envelope pocket type that is constructed like a wallet.

Here is the book she made for the swap: 
I love the fabric/mesh tie!

made from recycled, corrugated cardboard

a beautiful little tag book!

Thank you, Jo! 


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

OK, I was really behind. I don't know how I missed so many of these incredible books, because I'm on e-mail subscribe. Never mind ... I've seen them all now and need a glass of wine. Here's the thing .. instead of putting them all in the mail ... I think we should all come to my house, bring our books and wine, meet each other, ooooo and ahhhhh, and otherwise be amazed at all the talent assembled in one place at one time. This is an incredible collection and it is not complete. Thank you Lenna!!! You obviously have a way of bringing our gifts to the surface. This is an incredible swap! hugs and many many thanks, Donna

Bobbie said...

Love the tags and gauze!!!! These are really great!!!!
Bobbie Bryan

craftattack said...

I think Donna's suggestion is worth considereng, Love the cardboard book, too!

Cat said...

Amazing little books, Jo!!!!


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