Wednesday, June 15, 2011

just a couple of updates!

I moved things around a little bit today and created a couple of "page tabs" for the creative swaps blog. If you are on the blog, look above the top post and you'll see Home, About and Registration "tabs" now. The Home page is where all the posts are. The About page has information that I used to keep in the sidebar about the blog and how to register for a swap, what this blog is all about! The Registration page just has a teaser now on what's to come, but this is where I am going to put registration info for open swaps and Buy Now buttons to register for the swaps. It should work out! So far, so good ; ^ ).

I also moved the View Creative Swap Art :: By Participant list to the bottom of all the blog posts in the footer section of the blog. It was just getting too large and unwieldy to keep it in the sidebar anymore! If you click on your name in the list you will be re-directed to a page on the blog that will show all of the posts I have labelled with your name. If you copy the address that shows in the browser window, you'll be able to see this collection at anytime. Each time you participate and I label your post, it will appear at the top when you click on that link, with  the older posts below. Yes, you are published online!

Little Book swap: I am expecting perhaps a half a dozen, maybe 7 or 8 more packages at the most to come in by Saturday. Amazingly, it is mostly swapped out on paper already. When everything is in I will make sure the trading is A-OK and then the physical part this time will probably take longer. I will keep you posted. I foresee a few trips to the post office with this many packages to mail! All worth it . . . .  this has been and continues to be a mind boggling creative swap! thAnK YoU! lenna

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Cynthia Zdanzukas said...

Hi Lenna! I mailed off my little books last night from Hartford - over night post.

As usual, last minute, but, just under the wire!

Thanks so much for hosting this amazing swap...the entries are truly truly fantastic and so wonderfully creative!

Kudos to all and keeping fingers crossed that you receive the package from me today!

Cynthia Zdanzukas
Waterbury, CT


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