Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little Book Swap is closed.

Today is June 18th and the Little Book Swap is officially closed. I went to the mailbox earlier, hoping a package or two that had not arrived yet would be inside. Unfortunately, there were no swap packages at all in my mailbox today. I am sorry to say, that two or possibly three packages did not arrive on time. If they do arrive next week, I will swap what I can with any other late packages and/or any extra swap pieces given to me that I can spare. Late arriving little books that could not be swapped will be returned.

I'll actually start working on the physical swapping out part of all the little books this afternoon! Steven is busy having fun at a local boat "mess-about" so the timing for me to start right away is good. I am very sorry for those of you who sent but either did not allow enough time or found the post office did not come through for you as you thought. I will stand by my mailing instructions given to you when you register: Please allow 5 - 7 days mail time within the USA and 7 - 14 days outside of the USA; must reach me by June 18th. Note: sometimes mail to Canada has taken up to 3 weeks lately.  Mail is generally slow to reach me here in Florida and I cannot be responsible for mailing time, nor can I wait for any delayed mail. Late mail will be returned. Mail EARLY!!

This is a big job but I'm up for it. I'll keep you posted! : ^ ) lenna


Jewels said...

"Virtually" helping you with all the sorting and packaging. I cannot WAIT to see who I have exchanged with. Have fun! Jewels

Sheila A. said...

I did not participate, but I truly enjoyed seeing everyone's efforts, beautiful work.

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

What better than to 'mess around with art', while your hubby is 'messin' around with boats'. Now the anticipation. Sending 'everything will run smoothly' thoughts. Enjoy all that beauty running through your hands. hugs, Donna


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