Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#29.Val Cowan - Wee Little Book swap!!

From Val in Scotland, UK we have 3 precious wee little books! When Val used that term 'wee' when writing to me, I began to think maybe I should have called this swap the Wee Book swap! Here are some notes from Val along with my photos:

1. Wee Bee book - fabric, hand sewn with embellishments. 
 Computer printed on fabric.

2.  Green Garden book - card, paper, vintage fabric & lace, 
hand & machine stitched.

3  Recycled metal book – Tomato puree tube, 
found ribbon, scrap paper, beads.

All I can say is . . .  fabulous!!!!
I am so happy to have your very cool & wee books in this swap, Val.
Thank you!


craftattack said...

What ideas! So beautiful! Hugs, Valerie

Sharon W. said...

well I definitely think that one of my wildflower seed books could be traded for that recycled treasure. Hint hint hint. It's terrific!!!!!

Nancy said...

How about the Whee Book Swap? You have to be yelling "wheee"! every day the mail arrives. These are great.

Cat said...

WOW, these are all so creative! I specially LOVE the little bees book :)

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

I'm getting very tired of this word .. however it still applies! AMAZING. Such great ideas! hugs, Donna


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