Wednesday, June 29, 2011

new creative swap: postcard mail art!

creative swaps postcard mail art swap
due September 17th 2011  - registration is closed 9/15/11

  • Create 3 postcards on a summer’s day theme using any media. Paint, dye, watercolour crayons, fabric, colored pencils, digital art, poetry, charcoal, collage, various papers, quotes, rubber stamps, stencils, photography, magazine images, recycled book pages, drawing, printmaking and sewing: any and all mixed media techniques are acceptable.
  • ‘A summer’s day’ can be a real day, an imagined day, a summer day that you wish for, one that you are planning . . .
  • Your postcards can be simple or elaborate and any style of mail art postcard is okay. Beginners are welcome to join this swap, but the quality of your work must be something you are proud of and something I can proudly swap! I reserve the right to return swaps not made with effort and care.
  • Receive 3 postcards in return, sent individually through the mail – you send your postcards to me in one envelope, I send the returns back individually.
  • Postcards may be identical –or- different from each other.
  • Create your own postcards out of fabric or paper, or recycle already made postcards. Add your art or alter them in some way based on the summer’s day theme.
  • This swap is limited to 50 players and due in my hands September 17, 2011. This is a firm deadline and I will return any late swaps to the sender. Whatever is in my hands on September 17th is what I will swap. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • TWO sets of 3 postcards is the maximum you can submit. You must register for each set: $10.00 per set. Just register twice on the creative swaps blog if you plan to send 2 sets. Return postage to international and US destinations is covered through your registration if you don’t want to add postage stamps yourself.
  • Much more info and instruction will be sent automatically after registering!
To register: (closed) Use the ‘Add to Cart’ PayPal button on the registration page of the blog: You can also access the registration page by a tab at the top of the blog. The $10.00 registration fee is your non-refundable payment for postage, handling, documentation on the blog, a lesson on mail art and complete information pertaining to this swap. What's here on the blog is an abbreviated version of what you need to know! PayPal is a free on-line banking service and easy to use, learn more here:

When your payment is received, you will receive an automatic email confirmation from 'e-junkie' for your swap registration with a link to the pdf file you need for the swap. Make sure your PayPal email is correct and can be mailed to or you will not receive very important swap information vital to your participation! This is your responsibility. If you have sent in a PayPal registration and have not received confirmation within 24 hours please Email me: directly.

As the swaps arrive, I will photograph or scan your postcards and post them on the creative swaps blog. By registering for the swap and sending in your postcards you are giving me permission to post your artwork on the creative swaps blog - with credit to you, of course! If you have a blog or website and you publish your postcards for the swap, you can send me the direct link and I will add it to your post on the creative swaps blog.

This swap is limited to 50 players and due in my hands September 17th, 2011. If you do not make the deadline you will not be included in the swap. All swap returns will be mailed back to you promptly within 7-10 days, if not sooner. Hope to see you register!  : ^ ) lenna


arts4all said...

Ooohhhh, decisions, decisions!! ATC's or mail art??? The post card swap won the day, though, and I'm excited to be part of another one of your great swaps ;-0

Joanna said...

I'm in, I'm in!!

Looking forward to doing this swap.

I might join in the ATC swap as well. I think I'll see if I can make them over the next couple of days and then register as I send them off (if there's still places left). I have to be aware of how slow our snail mail can be!


Sandra L. said...

I just wanted to tell you I put in a plug for your swap in today's 10 a.m. blog post. I hope I can send some of my readers your way!



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