Friday, June 10, 2011

#32.Sabine Schneider- Little Book swap!

From Germany, Sabine has sent 5 lovely and very interesting fabric accordion books. 4 came in for our swap and one for me! I read on Sabine's blog how she started out making these by painting canvas cut into long sections with white acrylic paint and then sanding them. You can read all the posts she wrote relating to the little book swap on Sabine's blog here. You will need a translator if you do not know German. I use Google Chrome as my browser and it offers automatic translation of other languages as one of the options "under the hood" in the tools! Sabines's books each came wrapped in a colorful German paper napkin, take a look below.

from Sabine's blog:
Inside then a poem by Wilhelm Busch 
one hand and will be printed on foil and sewn on.

"Fortune smiles,
but they may not like happy full:
And gives them a summer,
gives us even mosquitoes."

Thank you, Sabine! Especially for making an extra book for me. I think the paper napkin will be extra fun to play with too, by pulling off the thin top layer to use in collage. Soon you will receive your returns! Thanks also for participating in yet another creative swap, I believe this makes nine swaps for you!
; ^ ) lenna


craftattack said...

Deutsche Qualitäts Arbeit -quality work from Germany! Wjat a lovely idea! Hugs, Valerie

Nancy said...

These turned out beautifully. I love the frayed edges of the canvas.

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Love the packaging. How imaginative. Amazing. hugs, Donna

Cat said...

Love Sabine's folding books, so cool!


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