Sunday, June 19, 2011

working on it! {little books}

Just writing to tell you I have completely swapped and packaged up about 1/2 of all the participant's swaps. I concentrated on getting the International packages done first as they have the farthest to travel . . . and then I did a bunch more. It is great that everything is working out so well as far as the exchanging . . . the only thing is it does take a bit of time to swap 49 packages! I don't have to send my own out, so really only 48 to package up. Tomorrow, I'll bring what I've got done to the post office and later in the day work on this some more. I want the swap to be finished and in your hands as much as you do . . .  so you'll be holding a swap package in your hands very soon!!


Joanna said...

Thank you Lenna. You'll be seeing 'little books' in your dreams!


craftattack said...

How exciting! Thanks a lot! Next week I will start waylaying my postie....Valerie

Catherine L. Mommsen said...

Lenna, you may have outdone yourself with this trade. You have gone above and beyond in your presentation and description of each and every entry. And then to have to match all the little books up with partners .. well, I'm sure we can all see where it would take some time. Well done, Ms. Lenna.

Cat said...

I do admire your organization, Lenna, that is quite a task to swap out so many books!

This has been a lovely swap & It's always fun to see the art pieces as they arrive at your house!

Thank you!


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