Monday, June 6, 2011

#25.Linda Kunsman -Little Book Swap!

From my online friend of many years, Linda K in Pennsylvania, we have 5 single signature tag books -4 for the swap and one as a gift for me. ; ^ ) They came in a beautiful envelope . . .
And look like this -
Linda told me they are all made from large white shipping tags
and basically use the same quotes, images, stamps & inks.
I opened one, mine -to share with you.
 Linda designed the pocket page below with blank pages in the pocket so the recipient could add their own favorite quotes!
 Please click on any photo for more detail.

 When I got to the page below, I stopped. Linda had not told me she had used some of my LennaLines quote stamps I produced 10 years ago! It made me feel rather emotional. Even though I no longer make these stamps, here was Linda, still using them! I can't quite describe how it made me feel. I am so glad to see you still enjoy stamping with them, Linda. I do too!
 A few more, below . . . .
 And the last page. I love how Linda used a printed vellum for the first and last page. It is so elegant and really finishes her little book.

When we moved to our new home here in Florida last September, Linda sent me a special housewarming gift and card. She has a knack for doing these things. When Steven and I got married in 2005 Linda made an extra piece for my Moon and Star themed Canvas swap, just for us. This swap was due soon before Steven and I got married and moon & stars was also a theme of our wedding. This canvas Linda made for us has traveled to hmmm . . . 3 or 4 homes since then and is still one of my very favorite pieces of art. Here it is in the kitchen, walking into my studio in Florida:

the flash washed my face out a little . . . 
but I think you can see why I love it so!

And here is what Linda sent when we moved to this home:
Home at last! 

I have to smile ; ^  ) Thank you so much Linda
for all your kindnesses and your beautiful tag books!!!

xo lenna


Cat said...

Beautiful little books, Linda. How fun to have & use some of Lenna's stamps!

sharon said...

Linda's books are incredible! This looks like an amazing swap! Wow, and her gifts to you are very precious, you can see the love put into them!

craftattack said...

More loveliness in the form of littel books, who could resist them? Hugs, Valerie

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

I'm down to one word "AWESOME" ... I've tried lots of words to describe this swap .. and no matter what I come up with it boils down to "AWESOME". Your gifts are treasures! hugs, Donna

Linda said...

What wonderful little books and such a sweet friend!

Linda said...

awe Lenna what a lovely and heartfelt write up...we do go back a long way don't we? xo Linda

Nancy said...

Great work, Linda. I'm running out of superlatives for these little books!


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