Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#40.Mary Zimany - Little Book swap!

From my friend Mary Zimany in Connecticut, USA we have 3 lovely, lovely additions to our swap! Mary also has shared a bit about them on her blog, Once upon a Muse so do check that out!

This little book has such a quiet loveliness about it.

filled with interesting tags . . .

I don't know what kind of paper it is,
but it felt almost like leather.

Look how teeny tiny this one is!

It is a baby "star" book! This is a class I have taught many times -
the full size version!

 The 3rd book
beautiful colours and tags

I love the look of this!

so super, Mary!

Thanks as well for this w o n d e r f u l  gift, Mary! 
I have never seen this selection from Prima before
and look forward to using them. xox


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Oh My! Like holding a small piece of time in your hand ... quietly beautiful ... such an apt description, Lenna. Again, Amazing! Donna :o)

craftattack said...

Great stuff again! Valerie

Nancy said...

*sigh*- these are wonderful, too. Love the nostalgia of them.

Terri said...

Mary made some beautiful little books!

Terri said...

Oh Mary made some really lovely little books! How fun they are!

Mary Z said...

thank you Lenna and thank you all - the books were so fun to make and I've seen so many wonderful, beautiful books that are being sent in!!

Bobbie said...

Mary - These are simply exquisite!! And I love how you describe them Lenna!!!
Bobbie Bryan


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