Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#45. Betty Lou Cassidy - Little Book swap!

From Betty Lou in New Jersey, USA, who jumped in when someone else had to drop out, we have 2 more great little books joining our swap! Betty Lou even brought supplies with her while on vacation so she could meet the deadline -wow! Below are her books.

The Outer Space one is fabric-paper, I believe?

The "Little Red Riding Hood" one is just adorable! 

Thank you Betty Lou!
Betty wrote a note telling me how happy she was these books got made. Then she ended her note with, "Well, now they're yours for a little while. Thanks again" What a cool way to think about this process. Betty Lou is so right! I do enjoy opening all your packages and holding your books in my hands, even if just for a wee bit. ; ^ ) lenna 


Bobbie said...

Betty Lou~
How wonderfully creative you are!!!! Loved seeing these!!!!
Bobbie Bryan

craftattack said...

As a confessed senior red Riding Hood lover, I just adore this book! Valerie

Nancy said...

These are sweet. Red Riding Hood... what a great idea! Good job Betty Lou, and thanks for spending your vacation time to finish them.

Cat said...

Love your books, Betty Lou, they are so art-full!!!


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